Strategic Objectives

1- Academic Level and Community Service :

1- Improving the level of performance of faculty members and developing their skills continuously.
2 - Improving the performance of the paper library to provide the needs of faculty members and students.
3 - Working on the establishment of a sophisticated digital library.
4 - Providing legal advice to governmental bodies and institutions, companies and NGOs.
5. Dissemination of the culture of arbitration and awareness of consumer rights, intellectual property rights, human rights and environmental protection.
6- Developing an effective system for the care of people with special needs of students scientifically, healthily and socially.
7 - Developing an objective system to raise the level of scientific students who fail.
8 - Activating the academic construction system to achieve a beneficial and balanced relationship between the professor and the student.
9 - Continuing development of courses and converting them into electronic courses.

2- Developing Buildings and Educational Services Level :

1- Preparing educational halls equipped with modern educational means.
2. Establishing a sufficient number of stands to provide a distinguished educational service.
3 - Allocation and furnishing of a rest for faculty members and preparing a suitable place for correction.
4 - Preparing a suitable building for examinations.

3- Objectives for Upgrading the Administrative and Financial Performance Level at the Faculty

1 - Eliminating the shortcomings of the administrative routine and facilitating the procedures for obtaining services provided to faculty members and students.
2. Continuing work on creating new financial resources for the faculty through the provision of educational, training and advisory services and maximizing the utilization of these resources.
3 - Working to improve student services, diversity and facilitating the students to obtain them through modern means of communication.
4 - Preparing a complete and developed data base.
5 - Continuing training of staff in the administrative system to ensure continuous improvement in performance.

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