Student Union Council is formed annually:

Under the leadership of Faculty Dean or one of the vice deans The seven committees consults of the Faculty Union Council members Head of the technical staff for youth welfare at the Faculty. Committees' secretaries of the Student Union Council. Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Student Union. The head of the technical staff of the Youth Welfare at the Faculty shall be the Secretary of the Council Fund. The student union council at the Faculty works to achieve the

aims of student unions through the following committees:

1. The Sports Committee
2. The Artistic Activity Committee.
3. Scout and Public Service Committee.
4. Cultural Activity Committee.
5. Social Activity and Trips Committee.
6. Families Committee.
7. Scientific Committee.
The Faculty Union Council shall draw up the Union's policy in the light of the programs adopted by the above-mentioned committees.
It also works to strengthen relations with other student unions at the other University faculties.

Conditions of nomination for the Student Union and how to form Student Unions

The University President shall determine the date of the elections and the General Director of Youth Welfare shall notify the faculties of the dates. Therefore, the Student Welfare Department shall make announcements on the deadlines set for the nomination. The student (male\female) who wishes to nominate will submit the form prepared with three modern personal photos.
The conditions to be met by each candidate are:
To have an Egyptian nationality.
Be consistent with good morals and good reputation.
To be regular in the study, innovating in his class and not for rest.
Tuition fees shall be paid.
To have a noticeable activity.
He has not previously been sentenced to a restricted freedom penalty or has been decided to drop his membership at one of the Student Union committees.

Student Union Committees

Sports Committee
One of the most important activities that the Student Welfare takes it in the eye of consideration is the sports activity. These activities include (Football- Basketball- Volleyball- Handball- Table tennis- Tennis- Speedball- Squash- Swimming- - Wrestling - Boxing - Judo - Karate - King Fu - Taekwondo - Bodybuilding - Weightlifting - Athletics - Road Racing).
The Student Welfare Department undertakes refresher courses at the beginning of each year to select the best elements for forming the Faculty teams in the different games in order to participate in the University league as well as the Egyptian universities leagues.

Scout and Public Service

The Scout was founded in 1896 by Lord Baden-Powell, and the scout is considered one of the scouting stages and it is joined by young people from the age of 18 until 24 years.
It aims to preparing an integrated personality of the citizen through:
1-Strengthen adherence to spiritual and religious values
2-Ability to make decisions, take responsibility, self - reliance and develop the spirit of belonging.
3- Practice of collective action for the sake of the group.
4- Ability to acquire the skills of self - development comprehensive.
5-Practising various activities (artistic - cultural - sports social)
There is a promise of the scout and public service which is:
"I promise to do my best to do what I have to do to God and then the homeland and to help people in all circumstances and to work under the law of the scout."

Artistic Committee

It is considered one of the Student Union committees; through it students can practice all kinds of artistic activity in an educational frame. It aims generally to find feeling and artistic taste in the Faculty students including different artistic kinds like (Painting- Painting on glass - Carving - Wood Burning - Music - Choir - Folk Arts - Theatrical Acting - Singing - Pantomime).

Social and Trips Committee:
It is the recreational committee for students that prepares various trips that spread the spirit of fun and happiness and works to develop the community spirit among students and strengthen the relationship between the students and their professors outside the halls. The Committee funds the trips so that the student can participate in more than a trip during the academic year to identify the most important tourist and archaeological sites in our beloved country.
The committee works to encourage students to participate in social competitions, chess competitions, ideal student and volunteer campaigns to donate blood to the Faculty students.
Scientific Committee
Since the academic year 2008/2009, the number of committees increased by adding the Scientific Committee.

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