The Council of Ministers Decree No. 1142 of 1976 was issued to determine the colleges and institutes affiliated with Tanta University, including the Faculty of Law, and in accordance with this, there was a frequency of the following planning and executive decisions:
- Decree of the Minister of Education and Scientific Research No. 656 on 26 th of September 1978 to determine the scientific sections of the Faculty of Law at Tanta University.
-Decree of the University Council of Tanta University in its session held on 26th of September 1981 to approve the start of the study at the Faculty of Law in the academic year 1981/1982.
-Ministerial decree No. 716 dated on 26th of July 1980 that issued the internal regulations of Faculty of Law at Tanta University. The Ministerial decree No. 873 dated on 27th of July 1999 issued about the internal regulations of Faculty of Law at Tanta University including the faculty departments.
- By the beginning of the academic year, 1981/1982 the first academic year at Faculty of Law started. Since its inception, the faculty spares no effort to publish and support the mission of right and justice assigned to it by the State not only regionally but on the scope of our dear Egypt.

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